Tattoo at Emerald Empire Tattoo

Pure Tattoo Artistry

Emerald Empire lives and breathes the artistry of beautiful tattoos. Our artists are reknowned in the West Texas area, and create stunning art on your body, precise to the last detail.

Your Expression - To Life

Realize Your Personal Expression

At Emerald Empire, we celebrate personal expression through art and tattoo.
Whether your own vision is something small or something large and grand, we can bring your art to life. Our artists have the experience and the keen eye and the skill to create almost anything imaginable.
Contact us today to schedule your visit. We can help you if you aren't exactly sure what you want. Plus, our facilities are meticulously clean and our professionalism is second to none.

Customers say

Emerald rocks! I put off getting a tat but now I don't understand why I waited so long. It's awesome and everything was clean as a whistle. Check them out.
Gloria Mann
Emerald Empire has the best artists in the area. I've gotten several tattoos over the years, and I can make the comparison. I think they're the best, and they were very professional and friendly. When I went in, they were enthusiastic but not overboard. They took their time to listen to me. I won't go anywhere else now.
Olivia Grosh
These people are incredible. I knew what I wanted but I couldn't explain it very well. They helped me and I love my new tattoo. They were so patient and everything was so clean. Thank you! I figure I'll be back.
Mark Johnson