About us

Born From A Love of Body Art

Emerald Empire is the inspiration of Byron Wishmeyer and colleagues who love art, and the artistry of tattoos. While the business is relatively new to the Lubbock area, the experience of those behind it is not. Emerald Empire is proud to note that our lead artist is Orlando Romo, noted in the area for his long experience and amazing tattoos created for countless tattoo devotees throughout the region.

Our Vision

We understand that inherent culture that embodies tattoo. We also understand that appreciation for tattoos has grown greatly over the years. We endeavor to serve anyone who is interested in personal expression and creative adornment. Whether it's a small emblem on a shoulder or a chest-wide canvas of art, we appreciate the entire culture, the mindset, and the utter beauty that can come from tattoo.

A Love of Art

Everyone connected with Emerald Empire has a love of art. We support the local art community and work to...

Our services

Incredible Tattoos
At Emerald Empire, we create body artistry... each customer is unique, and we bring their individual vision to life. We specialize in every... More...
Support of Local Artists
Our love of tattoo artistry runs very deep, and we are kindred spirits with artists of all kinds, in a number of fields. We love to support the local... More...
Looking For Removal?
At Emerald Empire, we understand the ebbs and flows of life, especially when it comes to the art of tattoos. If you are interested in removal, please... More...