Caring For Your New Tattoo

It's a Process

As part of getting your new tattoo will be the important care you take after the artist has finished the session. A few good recommendations and guidelines include the following:

  • Be sure to ask our advice. Avoid advice from others who feel they may know what to do for a new tattoo. (There are many opinions out there.)
  • Be aware that the skin involved in your tattoo can take on average of one to two weeks to heal on the surface. It can take longer for the tissues below the surface to heal fully.
  • Our artist will apply post-application care, including cleaning the tattoo area and applying a bandage. Please leave your bandage in place for two to four hours; the artist will have a recommendation for you. This initial time is very important.
  • We will give you specific recommendations for cleaning the tattoo site during the healing period, and recommend general care.
  • Be cautious about exposing your tattoo to a lot of water during the healing process. Long, warm soaking baths may be soothing, but it could adversely affect the vibrancy or definition of your tattoo. Exercise normal hygiene, but take care in exposing your tattoo to prolonged period of showering or bathing. Lightly blot the tattoo area with a clean cloth afterwards.
  • You can treat the tattoo area with over-the-counter lotions (ask your tattoo artist for a recommendation) which can help the skin heal. Be cautious about products with contain anti-microbial or other medicinal elements. These may seem an intuitive product to use, but a more gentle approach is generally recommended - use a product like Lubriderm Lotion.
  • Lotion treatments should not be overdone; rub a small amount into the skin area until absorbed. Do not leave extra product on your skin.
  • If you have any scabbing, it will be important to protect it and do not pick at it or attempt to remove it. Let the healing process run its course.
  • Avoid direct sun on your tattoo while it is healing. If you must be outdoors, use a strong SPF sun block product.
  • If you have any issues during the healing of your tattoo, contact your tattoo artist for advice.

With good care and treatment after your tattoo application, your healing will be the best, and your new tattoo will settle in beautifully.